For us safety is always first.  This attitude has allowed us to have an exceptional safety record not having had any major jobsite injury or damage to property.

As a company we insure every project through our insurance carrier for accidents and damage to the project and surrounding property.

Communication is the foundation of any successful project.  To accomplish this we have implemented the following practices:

  • Daily jobsite visits by management
  • We keep a daily log of each job
  • Photographic documentation on a daily basis
  • Weekly in-company meetings to discuss progress, order materials, and schedule the following week’s tasks.
  • Weekly e-mail updates for clients including progress report and photographic documentation.

Our Key in hand approach to construction allows us to control quality and cost over runs.  Our in-house staff of stone masons, painters, ironworkers, and carpenters allows us have absolute control over the quality of our product.  Our subcontractors have been carefully screened and selected and have worked with us for years.

Our hands on approach to all our projects, allows us to control every aspect of the process and take responsibility for the result.

After sale service and maintenance for all our projects is provided by Hydra Concierge which is owned and operated by us.  Hydra Concierge was created to address the property management needs of our clients who wanted a more professional approach than was previously available to them on the island.